Fix release June 22, 2022

This release will be available starting June 22 and affects the Engage theme.


IMPORTANT: This release is only available for the following platforms.


Engage theme for Office 365 (modern experience)


Fixed: The menu collapse icon and search icon overlap on mobile view


PowerShell installer for Office 365 (modern experience)


Improvement: Installer updated to selected the authentication method
Now is possible to choose the authentication method to access SharePoint.

The options are:

  • Interactive: Can selected accounts to access SharePoint. By default, it will use the PnP Management Shell multi-tenant application behind the scenes. This will ask for approval of the authorization consent. MFA support.
  • Weblogin: Connects to SharePoint using legacy cookie-based authentication. MFA support.
  • Credentials: Will ask for Credentials of the user to connect with. No MFA support.


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