Upgrade SPFx Web Parts to the New Modern Experience Web Parts

With the new release of the modern experience web parts, there are some topics that need to be covered.

All the new webparts are compatible with the previous versions. In other words, the properties/settings (with some exceptions, that we will cover later) that are configured in your current version will be migrated to the modern experience Web Parts.

Regarding the exceptions referred above, some properties will not be included in this compatibility such as:

  • Default behavior (links behavior is configured when creating or updating an item)

  • Advanced Options

  • Performance (cache options)

  • Other important property that will not be included is the Target Users, so when updating to Modern Experience Web Parts, if there are targeted users, they must be configured again. The target users, when configured in the new web part will be saved in a new column, called Audiences. With the old Target Users, the old people picker only picks people from SharePoint. With the new people picker is possible to target Groups from Active Directory.

    To use target users, there are some permissions to be consented in the admin center.

  • Item icon: if the column with the icon/image configured contains an icon, the icon will not be used



  • After updating to the new web part, if you by some reason decide to go back to the previous version, all the properties will be included, excluding the target users, that will have the configuration that had before the update.
  • If you decide to go back again to the new web parts and change properties in the old version, the new web part needs to be reconfigured in order to conform the previous version.


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