BindTuning buttons do not appear - unable to add content

Known Issue:

In January 2022 users with edit permissions who had Filters, Accordion, Image Gallery, and Slider deployed on their SharePoint sites encountered an issue where BT Buttons (such as "Add an item to a list" or "Manage list, navigate to list") were not visible even when in Edit mode. As a result, they were unable to add or manage content displayed in these web parts. This caused inconvenience and limited their ability to effectively edit and manage the content on their SharePoint sites.




The issue was detected under two different circumstances, although both prevented users from adding more than 1 item to the list 

  • BT Buttons were available after creating or connecting to a list but not after the first item is added to the list. 
  • BT Buttons weren’t available after connecting to the list, but the “Add Item” button appears enabling users to add 1 item only.


As a preliminary workaround, it is suggested to consider the following options:

  • Option 1) Activating BT Buttons: This can be done by accessing the web part's property panel and selecting the "Advanced Options" tab. Under this tab, locate the option "Always show BT buttons" and enable it to activate the BT Buttons for the web part. 


Option 2) Using the I BindTuning icon: click on the blue BindTuning icon located in the lower-left corner of the page. From there, select "List Actions" to access the BT Buttons.




However, it is strongly recommended to update the web parts to the latest available version, if possible. An updated version of all the affected web parts has been released in February 2022 to address the error with "BT Buttons". You can refer to the Change Log available at Change Log Link for more information about the updates and improvements made to the web parts. Updating to the latest version will ensure that you have the most stable and reliable version of the web parts installed on your SharePoint site. 


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