Web Parts Release - November 2021

Tiles (v3.9.9.59)



Fixed : Back tile overlaying front tile

For some users, the back tile is overlaying the front tile


Fixed : Special characters not showing as expected

Tile content when displaying in RTL (right-to-left) causing special characters to appear on the wrong side

Calendar (v2.7.9.56)



Fixed : All day recurrent events

Depending on the time zones, all day recurrent events showing on the wrong date

Documents (v2.9.9.54)



Fixed : Web part crash when folder structure is deactivated

If the folder structure is deactivated, the web part fails to render the content


Fixed : Document not opening in browser

With the option to open the document in the browser, when clicking on the document to open it, the document doesn't open

Filters (v2.7.9.51)



Fixed (Teams): Opening content on a modal

Item's content opening in a browser tab instead of opening inside a modal (MS Teams only)

Stocks Ticker (v1.3.9.31)



Fixed : Yahoo provider

Failed to retrieve results when using Yahoo as a provider

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