Release October 12, 2021

Accessibility Tool (v1.0.1.4)



New Feature for SharePoint On-Prem 2019 (modern): Language Selection

The ability to set language preference has been added to the Accessibility Tool for SharePoint. In addition to English, users are now able to use the tool in French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. This new feature has necessitated the following changes to the settings panel:

  • The option for the user to change voices has been removed.
  • In its place, the voice used when the text-to-speech is activated will correspond to a voice that can speak the respective language. This is assuming that the browser supports the voice of the selected language. Otherwise, the voice will be the original voice of the browser in use.
  • Aria-labels and buttons are translated into 5 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.



New Feature for SharePoint On-Prem 2019 (modern): Save User Properties

Admins are now able to create a custom user property that allows users to retain the same accessibility settings across every part of the tenant that the user has permission to access. Regardless of the browser, or computer, users no longer need to re-activate the same settings over and over again, since the administrator creates the custom properties for this tool.


Improvement for SharePoint On-Prem 2019 (modern): Arrow Navigation

The arrow navigation has been updated to allow the user to navigate to the new feature added: Language selection.

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