How can I access my team's BindTuning products?

Change is a constant in life, and we must adapt to it. Sometimes a co-worker might be on vacation, or sail away to a new professional opportunity. Also, in an increasingly more collaborative world, sharing assets and resources, and working together to achieve greater results, is a common reality. 

Note: If the person in charge of BT products has left your organization, please reach out to support (at, requesting for products to be transferred to a new account of your choice.

With this in mind, BindTuning allows BindTuning product owners (with a login to access to delegate permissions for accessing and deploying all BindTuning features and for updating company billing details. 


You can easily access co-workers' accounts using the Teammates functionality, inside the BindTuning App. This feature lifts the burden from one individual to govern the look and functionality of all sites and enables a team approach where sites can be built with confidence using shared templates and tools. 

To find out more about the Teammates feature, see: Teammates: share theme designs, web parts, templates and more



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