Themes Licensing & Pricing - how does it work?

Themes Annual Subscription

Starting October 2019, BindTuning started selling its acclaimed SharePoint Themes as an annually renewable subscription - BindTuning Design.

Design is the largest selection of themes, for all SharePoint versions (on-premises and online), available as a single yearly subscription. Priced at $999/year and limited to one domain and/or company, Design allows users to create and deploy unlimited site designs which can evolve through different SharePoint versions.

Important! Renewal is mandatory for all themes created to keep functional.

Included in Design:

  •  Unlimited designs & edits
  •  20+ Professionally designed, customizable base themes
  •  Match your brand, adjusting colors, fonts, navigation and more
  •  Create a consistent look & feel across all site collections
  •  Powerful design capabilities using our design tool
  •  Unparallel theme capabilities extending OOTB functionality
  • Saved customizations inside the BindTuning online customizer, allowing you to alter the theme's details at your disposal

Note: Customers looking for themes/skins compatible with other CMSs, won't have Design as an option. Perpetual Theme licenses for other CMSs can be found at Customizable Themes | BindTuning


Perpetual Themes

Before October 2019, clients could:

  • purchase a single theme license for SharePoint (Essential UX)
  • purchase a bundle of 3, 5 or 10 theme licenses
  • purchase an Enterprise Intranet, that entitled customers to:
    • 1 theme download per year
    • web part subscription

In all three circumstances, customers had 1 year to use the licenses to customize base themes from the Theme Gallery. These theme customizations would be perpetual (owned by the customer forever). Under their software assurance contract, perpetual themes received updates to ensure compatibility with Microsoft changes in the long-run.


  • each theme license was priced at $1,299
  • themes couldn't be modified or upgraded - a new theme license was required.
  • installation support, under software assurance, was only valid for 2 months after purchase

The Design subscription changed all that for new customers but some of BindTuning long-standing clients still have perpetual themes deployed to their sites. These clients will continue receiving updates to their themes but:

  • if they require a modification to their theme
  • if they want to upgrade their theme to ensure compatibility with a different SharePoint version
  • if they need an additional theme

our recommendation is to start a free trial of the Design feature and reach out to us for assisting in replicating your customization at

Follow up questions on themes licensing and pricing can be redirected to

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