Web Parts Release - September 2020 - Intermediate #1

Accordion (v1.0.8.16)



New feature : Support for markdown

It's now possible to use markdown on the item's content text area. The old "allow html" property has been replaced with a "Content Processor" option. New web parts will use Markdown by default, but in existing web parts the option must be explicitly set.


Improvement : New message when connected lists are empty

A new message is being shown whe the connected lists are empty. Also there is a button, on the message, to allow to create the first item


Improvement : Increased level of permissions required to see subscription related messages

Messages relating to the web part subscription will only be visile to users with permission management permissions instead of users with list editing permissions.


Fixed : Fixed issue where some subscription messages would show outside of edit mode

Some Subscription related messages are meant to appear only when in edit mode so as not to be intrusive, but a bug was making them visible at all times.

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