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With the latest releases of BindTuning Themes for Modern SharePoint, we’ve added an unprecedented level of flexibility which is most notably manifest in the navigation options. The vast number of possible configurations of the navigation now includes the ability to use the Hub navigation inside the theme placeholder, giving you a branded global Hub navigation in all of your sites. How does that sound? Let’s set it up!

hide_hub.png First things first: make sure you’re on your hub site. We want these settings stored there so that they propagate to all sites.

  1. We will not be needing the native Hub navigation bar because this connection will be used to store our configuration for all the site. Let’s hide it! Open the settings panel and click Hide native Hub navigation.
  2. Ok, now is the interesting part. Head on over to Navigation. That’s the second tab.
  3. On Pull navigation from select Hub site. If you keep the Menu provider as Dynamic you’ll always be pulling the actual hub navigation. If you want to use the hub site’s internal Global or Current navigation as your Hub navigation you can select either of those options in the Menu Provider select box.
  4. You’re done!


Term Set Navigation with Security Trimming

This can only work if you have enabled Publishing Features, which you can learn to do by following this article for Communication sites and this for Modern Team Sites, from our very own David Ramalho. That’s the hard part. Now onto the easy bit!

  1. Head on over to Site Settings;
  2. Click Navigation under Look and Feel;
  3. Select Managed for Global Navigation;
  4. Choose your term set from the Managed Navigation window;
  5. Click Ok at the bottom of the page;


To enable security trimming on a term set navigation you must use the Navigation Node Type Term-Driven Page with Friendly URL for each term you wish to trim. Note that you can also use the Simple Link or Header. 

Ok, now, onto the panel to link this up with the theme:

  1. Open the BindTuning Settings Panel
  2. Go to Navigation
  3. Change your navigation provider to Global
  4. That’s it! You should see your navigation now.

Brand team site navigation

By default, our theme will have Dynamic source set. This means you’ll be pulling from your current navigation in Communication Sites and Global navigation for team sites ChooseNavProvider.png(since the current navigation is already present as the sidebar in this instance). Following these steps, you can move that navigation into the theme and use the extra real estate space for other purposes.

  1. Open the BindTuning Settings panel
  2. Under Navigation select Current as the Menu provider.

Now you should be seeing the same navigation in two different places. Let’s fix that:

  • Under General enable Hide Sidebar.

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