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Navigation provider expanded

Navigation_options.png Inside SharePoint, there are two kinds of navigation. Global and Current. Global is usually the horizontal navigation while Current tends to be the sidebar or quick launch navigation. In the modern experience though, it’s not that simple. For Modern Team Sites, you get the current navigation on the sidebar, but no horizontal navigation is displayed unless you really know what you’re doing and even then, all you get is a poorly styled and awkwardly positioned above the logo below the ribbon. For Communication SharePoint sites, they show you the current nav (vertical on Modern Team sites) as horizontal nav on the header.  This can be a little confusing and the fact that you can’t change it doesn’t help.

So now you can decide to pull the Global or Current nav and whether or not to inherit any metadata sources if they are defined as such inside SharePoint. Metadata navigation is what we call a term set being used as navigation. We already support term set navigation but when you use it through SharePoint rather than specifically setting it on the panel you get some advantages such as manage all the navigation in a defined term set.

More information about how to configure your navigation on the next link.


Customize hub nav

With the additional flexibility of the navigation, it is now possible to set the hub navigation as the theme navigation and then hide the native hub navigation. This way your hub navigation is fully branded. Alternatively, you can keep your local navigation and just move the hub navigation to the top, above the BindTuning Theme header, if it makes more sense for you.

Optional Form Inheritability

Inheritability.png Now users can disengage specific forms from their source and use the local context for only that form. A form is a collection of settings, thematically related. Each form is usually comprised of anywhere between 5 to 15 individual settings. It represents the ideal scope for allowing this kind of management. In other words, you can have all your settings come from your Hub site except for the Look and Feel of the Navigation, for example, where you want to set a Megamenu only in one site collection, while the rest use regular submenus.


New search provider

So now we have a custom search that by default will behave exactly like SharePoint’s native search but with an added layer of flexibility. You can set different placeholder texts, display the search results in a popup, set a max number of search items and use a compact layout for the search results. More customization options to come.


Scrollable sub-menus

When the sub-menu is too long for your screen, we now limit its height to what’s available and add a scroll.

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