Managing the BindTuning Settings effectively from one site

First, we introduced dynamic sources for the settings. This meant we could now get and set all of our settings from a centralized source, meaning all of our site collections could share their settings. Then we came across limitations with this model, like if you wanted to inherit all the settings with one or two exceptions. To solve this, we’ve introduced variable form inheritability.

In this scenario, we have a Hub site with all our settings and a few sites connected to it. One of those sites is a team site, and we’d like to have the sidebar navigation in the top placeholder with our company’s branding. But, if we follow the steps laid out here Brand your team site navigation, you’ll find that you need those definitions to only apply to your team site.

  1. Open the BindTuning settings panel
  2. Head on over to Navigation and if your site is, in fact, inheriting its’ settings from another site, this is what you’ll see:
    Inherit enabled
    Inherit disabled
  3. Now click on that checkbox and you’ll be able to change those settings without affecting the main source.
  4. Set those settings however you like and you’re done!



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