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The modern workplace is probably the place where you can find the most complex navigation structures. This makes it really hard to use if you’re using a keyboard only. With this latest release we’ve decided to go beyond the convention in accessibility and add some controls of our own to improve the UX for people with special needs.


Jump to focus on or beyond the navigation

To focus on the first menu item, simply press CTRL + M. Hold CTRL and double tap M to skip the navigation entirely.


Open sub-menus or their parent item’s URL

To open a sub menu, focus on the parent menu item and press ENTER. To open the URL of the item, simply hold ENTER a little longer than a tap. If you want to open the link in a new tab, you can hold CTRL while you press or hold ENTER and a new tab will be open for you.


Close sub-menus

To close a sub menu, focus on the parent menu item and press ENTER.


Navigate with arrow keys

The entire navigation is arrow key ready but this is particularly useful with mega menus. Instead of going through all the items, simply use the arrow keys to move LEFT, RIGHT, UP or DOWN inside your mega menu.

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