Web Parts Release - May 2019


Tiles (v3.8.4.37)



New feature (Modern): Edit icons on each tile on publish mode

Directly edit a tile on publish mode by clicking on the edit icon of a specific tile.




Slider (v2.9.4.34)



New feature (Modern): Edit icons on each slide on publish mode

Directly edit a slide on publish mode by clicking on the edit icon of a specific slide.



Fixed : Old web parts not saving properties

Web parts added to a page over 3 months ago would fail to save properties due to some missing classes.




Documents (v2.9.4.32)



New feature : Option to show an upload button

Setting to display an upload button to the users that have permissons to write to the document library



Improvement : Option for forcing the number of rows

Forcing the number of rows in the web part is now an optional setting.



Fixed (Classic): SharePoint 2013 folder support

Due to structural differences in SharePoint's JavaScript API, the SharePoint 2013 version of the web part wasn't rendering folders correctly. This update will fix the issue.



Fixed (Classic): Target folder not being stored

In classic pages, the target folder property was being ignored.




Filters (v2.7.4.30)



Fixed : Filters option not displaying the saved value

The Filters option, while saving just fine, was not being displayed when loading the Properties for was opened.




News (v1.8.4.33)



Fixed (Modern): News articles not always opening in a new tab

Articles pointing to Modern SharePoint pages would never open in a new tab.



Fixed (Modern): Modals not centered in the middle of the screen

After the last update, all modals in the news web part were aligned to the right side of the screen




People (v1.1.4.17)



Improvement : Improved support for rectangular images

If a user's profile picture is not square, the web part will now be able to crop the image withot distortions.



Fixed : Search Query not updating

When using one of the preset search filters, the original search value was prevailing over newer changes to the properties.




Accordion (v1.0.4.1)



Fixed (Classic): Accordion not loading in classic

The accordion web part was failing to load in classic environments.


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