What is and How to create an App Catalog - Tenant vs. Site Collection App Catalog

If you intend to have BindTuning solutions on your modern pages, it's required to deploy the products at the APP Catalog, either Tenant or Site Collection. Note that it's mandatory to have at least created the Tenant APP Catalog so you can successfully install BindTuning products. The process to create this infrastructure on your SharePoint is described in this article.

There's also the possibility of creating Site Collection APP Catalogs, which are only suitable to more specific scenarios, where you may need to restrict the installation scope of the products.

Instructions on how to create a Tenant and Site Collection APP Catalogs are described in this article.

Tenant APP Catalog

  • The BindTuning theme is deployed on the tenant but not activated on the Site Collection unless you activate them on the site.
  • BindTuning Web Parts solutions are deployed globally across all site collections. They are only used when added to the pages.
  • It’s created once per tenant.
  • Recommend using this method when you license the BindTuning Products.

Permissions required

To create the APP Catalog, you need Tenant Global Admin Permission but once the Tenant app catalog has been added to you tenant, the administrators of that Site Collection can manage apps for the Tenant. This procedure only needs to be performed once.

How to create a Tenant APP Catalog?

This configuration needs to be done once per tenant and on this interface.

  1. Sign in on your SharePoint Admin Center (https://contoso-admin.sharepoint.com)
  2. In the left-side panel, select the option More features;
  3. Find the Apps card and select Open;
  4. On the Apps page, select the option App Catalog;
  5. If the App Catalog site doesn’t open, select Create a new app catalog site, and then select OK.
  6. On the Create App Catalog Site Collection page, enter the required information, and then select OK.

Site Collection APP Catalog

  • The BindTuning theme is deployed on the Site Collection but need to be activated on the Sites.
  • BindTuning Web Parts solutions are deployed only in the selected site collection. They are only used when added to the pages.
  • You can have one APP Catalog per site collection.
  • Recommend using this method when you trial the BindTuning Products or if you intend to have a dev environment.
  • If you have the same solution installed on both App catalogs, the Site app catalog will have priority.

Permissions required

You need Tenant Global Admin Permission only once, during the initial setup. You will need site collection admin permissions after.

Once the site collection has been added to the approved list of site collection app catalog, site collection administrators can manage apps under that site collection

How to create a Site Collection APP Catalog?

When deploying themes via BindTuning's automated platforms (i.e, Online App and Desktop Application), the Site Collection APP Catalog will be created automatically, as long as the user performing the installation has been granted the above-mentioned permissions.

If, however, you're deploying the products manually, the Site Collection APP Catalog needs to be created beforehand, utilizing either of the PowerShell scripts below:


SharePoint Online Management Shell

Connect-SPOService -Url "https://Contoso-admin.sharepoint.com"
Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site “https://Contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/contoso”

SharePointPnP PowerShell 

Connect-PnPOnline -Url "https://contoso-admin.sharepoint.com"
Add-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site “https://Contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/contoso”


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