Web Parts Release - April 2019

Accordion (v1.0.4.0)


New web part : Accordion Web Part Released

The most pleasant way to read intranet information.

Responsive Video (v2.4.4.29)



Fixed : Video would not be clickable in IE

In Internet Explorer, the video would become unclickable after the thumbnail disappeared.



Documents (v2.9.4.31)



New feature : Connect directly to a folder

The new setting will help you showcase the documents of particular folder more easily.



Fixed : Connect to libraries using the full URL

Connecting to a library was not working when providing the full list URL on the list picker.



Fixed : Upload to library root folder

Uploading files to the root of the document library was failing.



Filters (v2.7.4.29)



New feature : Added List Picker to the web part

Connecting the web part to a list is dramatically improved using the same list picker available in other web parts.



News (v1.8.4.32)



Fixed : No backdrop in modals

Modals were opening without backdrops in some situations.



People (v1.1.4.16)



New feature : Get in touch with people with the new Teams Link

The new Microsoft Teams button lets you jump right into teams and get in contact with your coworkers



New feature : Sort list items

When connected to a list, you can now choose how you want to sort your items using the same controls seen in other web parts.



New feature : Change the URL to your MySite

For onPremises users, this option will let us know where the profile pages are located.



Improvement : Small adjustments to the layout

Small adjustments to the layouts



Improvement : Profile picture now works as profile link

The "View Profile" button was discontinued and the link was moved to the profile picture and name.



My Work (v1.0.4.1)



Fixed (Modern): Fixed error for users without profile photo

On users that don't have a profile photo an error message was being shown



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