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BindTuning themes exposes most of its internal color definitions, such as the ones you can change during the customization process.
We provide CSS classes to use colors as backgrounds or text colors and set font families and sizes. Here’s a list of all the available CSS classes and their purpose.

The following classes set each of the color definitions as the text color of their respective targets:

  • Tuning color 1: bt-color_tuning1--color;
  • Tuning color 2: bt-color_tuning2--color;
  • Tuning color 3: bt-color_tuning3--color;
  • Tuning color 4: bt-color_tuning4--color;
  • Tuning color 5: bt-color_tuning5--color;
  • Tuning color 6: bt-color_tuning6--color;
  • Text: bt-color_text--color;
  • Links: bt-color_link--color;
  • Links hover: bt-color_link__hover--color;
  • Default button: bt-color_btn-default--color;
  • Primary button: bt-color_btn-primary--color;

With these classes you can set the color definitions as the background:

  • Tuning color 1: bt-color_tuning1--bg;
  • Tuning color 2: bt-color_tuning2--bg;
  • Tuning color 3: bt-color_tuning3--bg;
  • Tuning color 4: bt-color_tuning4--bg;
  • Tuning color 5: bt-color_tuning5--bg;
  • Tuning color 6: bt-color_tuning6--bg;
  • Text: bt-color_text--bg;
  • Links: bt-color_link--bg;
  • Links hover: bt-color_link__hover--bg;
  • Default button: bt-color_btn-default--bg;
  • Primary button: bt-color_btn-primary--bg;
  • Background color: bt-color_body--bg;

We also provide classes to set typeface definitions:

  • Base text font family: bt-text_font-family;
  • Base text font size: bt-text_font-size;
  • Headings font family: bt-headings_font-family;


The class names, aliases and hexadecimal values are available inside the window object of your browser, under the namespace btColors.

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