Theme/Web Parts not rendering after Microsoft update on SharePoint Online

If you have public CDN enable on your SharePoint, please follow the article on the next link.

Due to recent updates to SharePoint Online you might experience issues with your BindTuning products on classic SharePoint sites.

If your theme/web parts are not rendering properly please follow one of the alternatives provided in the instructions below:

We strongly recommend applying the fix to your theme even if this issue is not affecting you yet. Please note that you must repeat this process for each site collection where you have the theme installed.

If you have the Collapsible Riboon tool, you can update it on your BindTuning account for the latest version and reinstalling it will fix.

Applying this will avoid down times on your site.

Apply the fix using SharePoint designer

  1. Open your site using SharePoint designer
  2. Go to All Files -> Style Library -> YOUR THEME NAME -> JS
  3. Check out the path.js
  4. Edit the file in advanced mode
  5. Replace the entire content of the file by the content of the file inside this zip.
  6. Save the file and check it in, if asked to publish the major version
  7. Refresh your browser using CTRL + F5

Apply the fix using the Browser

  1. Open the root site of the site collection where the theme is installed
  2. Go to Site Contents
  3. Open the Style Library
  4. Locate the folder with the custom name of your theme and open it
  5. Open the JS folder
  6. Check out the path.js
  7. Upload the file inside this zip to the library, and replace the existent one
  8. Check in the file and if asked to publish the major version
  9. Refresh your browser using CTRL + F5
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  • Avatar
    Florian Hein

    Thanks for the quick fix.

  • Avatar
    Rand Group

    What about web parts?

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