I am having issues with my Modern SharePoint Theme - what might be causing this?

Modern SharePoint is evolving very fast and its potential as a collaboration tool is growing day-by-day. There are however, a few limitations with out-of-the-box SharePoint and inherently with Modern BindTuning Themes. We have been working hard to find fixes and workarounds to most common problems but there are still a few issues which we are not able to solve and that we believe you might be aware of if you are planning to go for Modern SharePoint and purchase a Modern SharePoint Theme.

Common performance issues, their probable causes and temporary fixes are described below:

  1. When resizing the browser for other screen resolutions, theme navigation might not work properly.

    To avoid moving SharePoint native navigation provider, BindTuning is currently developing its own. While it is not released, if you are having issues with your navigation when resizing the browser, please refresh the page to ensure the page loads with the correct styles for the screen resolution that you’re using.

    We’ve replaced the native navigation provider for modern pages with our own. Please have a look.

  2. When navigating through multiple sites where a theme is applied, your theme might be loaded twice.

    This is due to a known and reported issue from SharePoint Framework and is frequent when you’re using the new Hub site. Read more on GitHub about Partial page load across site collections (Modern team sites).

    To avoid this undesirable behavior, BindTuning is currently forcing the refresh of the page. We are developing an alternative, more permanent solution for these scenarios and soon you will not see the page being reloaded between sites.

    Released on December 19, 2018

  3. When refreshing a page after clicking “Search”, navigation may not load

    The SharePoint Framework only loads all components when you are on a regular page or when you click the search button when navigating through the site. However, when you are already in the results page, if you hit refresh, some components may not be rendered because they are not available - the navigation would be affected on this particular scenario. BindTuning themes can, however, insert elements on these sections that are available on the page, such as the logo and the page title, provided they are active and defined to be shown. You can find more information about these known issues on Custom Header/Footer do not appear in search result page (modern site).

    Released on December 7, 2018

  4. When using Internet Explorer to access Modern SharePoint, performance may be slower and memory leaks might occur.

    Classic SharePoint works fairly well with Internet Explorer although slower when compared to other browsers. With Modern SharePoint, and if you are using Internet Explorer, many of the most common scenarios will have unexpected behaviors or not work at all.

    While BindTuning adds extra functionally to the Modern SharePoint pages we do not, however, improve Internet Explorer nor its default functionalities. This is why BindTuning strongly recommends that you work with other browsers to get the most value and best experience of your SharePoint, with or without BindTuning.

    Microsoft is aware of reported incompatibilities between Modern SharePoint and Internet Explorer Explorer - for details on reported issues, follow the links below:

  5. Loading delay of SPFx Application Customizer

    The application customizer extension has by default a delay that is caused by the loading sequence of the modern page. This is technically by design due to the way how the JavaScript files are loaded. The SPFx team is working on a capability which will reduce the flickering effect when placeholders are rendered. Due to the client-side rendering logic, that's the best short term solution, which in pipeline for 2019.

  6. Hub navigation bellow extension placeholder

    The default position for the HUB navigation will be below the page header since that the extension is the first element to load on the page. It is arguable that the HUB navigation should always be the first element considering to the fact that connects diferent site collections. unfortunately it is not possible to achieve this since so far there is no option available.

    Released on June 12, 2019

Microsoft is continuously improving Modern Pages and fixing many of the issues reported. This means that some of the issues you face might be temporary and soon to be fixed. These improvements are closely monitored by our team and our products updated accordingly, to ensure the best user experience possible.

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