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How to reduce the Side Bar width in Classic SharePoint

If you wish to increase the space available in your page, you can easily reduce the Side Bar width. By default, the theme side bar is 25% of the page but you can have it changed to 16%.

To change the width of the Side Bar, please proceed as follows.

Note: This option only applied to the Classic SharePoint Experience.

SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016/2013

  1. Download and install SharePoint Designer.
  2. Open your site with SharePoint Designer
    • Farm solution: All files > _catalogs > master page
    • Sandbox solution: All files > _catalogs > master page > THEMENAME
  3. Check out and edit the master page you are using
  4. Locate the next code:
  5. Change the option from MenuVWidth:"normal" to MenuVWidth:"small"
  6. Save the master, check it in and If prompted about versioning publish the major version.
  7. Refresh your browser using CTRL + F5.

SharePoint CSS Only

  1. Go to BindTuning Settings Page.
  2. Select the section Vertical Menu Settings.
  3. Choose Small in the Menu Width option.
  4. Save the page properties.
  5. Refresh your browser using CTRL + F5
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