How do I update my Web Parts?

To ensure the addition of new features, as well as the correct functioning of your Web Parts, BindTuning publishes, regularly, feature updates that you're able to install on your environment.

If your Web Parts have any available updates, you will receive an email notification, and a red circle icon is displayed in your Build section.
If you need to update your Web Parts, proceed as follows:
  1. Start by logging in to your BindTuning account;
  2. On your dashboard, click on the Build tab; 


  3. Under your Build area, you'll be able to check all your available Web Parts;


  4. Locate the Web Part you want to update and click on the ellipsis (...);
  5. Select the option Update now;


Alternatively, mouse over the Web Part you want to update, and select More Details. From there, click on the red ribbon that displays Update Now!


In some cases, it may be useful to proceed with a bulk update, so as not to update the available Web Parts, on a one-by-one basis. To do this: 

  1. Select the Web Parts you wish to update by checking the box on the top-left corner of the product; 


  2. Proceed to click on Update



The new version will start being generated, and the updated Web Parts will be ready in a few minutes.

When updating, BindTuning is adding the latest features, modifications and/or corrections to your product package. Note, however, that those changes are not immediately pushed to your SharePoint environment. To push those same changes, proceed to "re-install" the product. Further information regarding the installation process can be found here

If you'd like to update your theme (Design feature), be sure to follow the steps in this article.

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  • Avatar
    ShareSquared Inc.


    The 'red circle icon' mentioned aboce is not displaying for me today, even though most of the Web Parts have an update available.
    Also, the Update icon/button does not appear when I select one or more Web Parts.
    As a result, eas Web Part must be updated individually.
    Is this a permanent change, or a temporary bug?


  • Avatar
    Francisca Peixoto

    Hi ShareSquared!

    The web part version you had on your account on Tuesday was an "Insider" version - exclusively available to our trusted partners and automatically added to their accounts. It was an "intermediate" release, which means that you had to install it (the new version was already pushed to your account), instead of updating it (when we release an update, that update needs to be pushed to your account before being installed). The update button was not showing up because you already had an "updated" version in your account, ready to be installed.

    As for updating web parts one by one - if you selected the web parts you wanted to install in this new version and then click on the plus sign (+) that pops out below the green bar, you would be able to install all new web part versions at once. Here's a video on updating web parts that displays the same process:

    Hopefully this was clear, but happy to schedule a call to give further assistance.

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