Can I use Provisioning Engine to update BindTuning Web Parts?

The BindTuning Provisioning Engine allows you to install/update the BindTuning products on your SharePoint site without you need to repeat the process manually to deploy the solution. The installation of the products are available for Classic (with Sandbox Solution - WSP) and Modern (SPFx).

Classic (Sandbox Solution - WSP)

In order to successfully install/update your Sandbox Web Parts that were deployed manually, you need to be deactivated the solution before installing those using the Provisioning Engine.

Below are the steps required to perform before running the Provisioning Engine.

  1. Open Site Settings at the root of your site collection
  2. Select Solutions, under Web Design Galleries
  3. Select the already existing web part solution and Deactivate it
  4. Once it finishes deactivating, Delete the solution from the gallery

You're now able to install/update the products on your SharePoint site automatically.

Modern Solution (SPFx)

The Modern Solutions (SPFx) won't require this step.

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