Fix release September 21, 2018

This release will be available starting September 21, 2018 and affects several themes.

IMPORTANT: This release is only available for the following platforms:

SharePoint 2013/2016/Hybrids/CSS Only, Office 365 and Modern Versions

All themes

  • With Color Match, you can use your theme's colors directly on your content. The web part color picker has been upgraded to support this brand new way for you to customize content. This feature requires the latest version of your BindTuning theme and web parts, now available to download from your account.

Read more about Color Match on September Software Update for Themes and Web Parts.

SharePoint Modern themes

  • New: Added custom content zone in the header. (for Empower, Interface, InvisibleDog, Metro, Rrrango, SPC, Terra, Zeus and WePro)
  • New: Added demo pages of the Modern Look.
  • Fixed: permissions error with btSettingsOpen() and btEditMode() console commands.

SharePoint 2016 themes

  • Fixed: missing styles on document library pop-ups.

Ignite theme

  • Fixed: changing page title font when moving from mobile to desktop.

Kraft theme

  • Fixed: overlapping vertical menu text and page title.

Zeus, Temple and WePro theme

  • Fixed: BindTuning Builder not working.


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