Rotating slideshow in SharePoint #1

This custom widget does not apply to all themes. Check your theme's description first, to make sure it's included.

To add this slideshow banner, two actions have to be taken: paste some images on a folder and add some code to the desired page. Directions vary slightly depending on your CMS platform.


  • An easy way to place images is to create the folder /Style Library/slideshow on the root site. Add your slideshow images there (e.g. banner.1.jpg, banner.2.jpg, banner.3.jpg)
  • Then create an external file (e.g. /Style Library/slideshow/slideshow.txt) that contains the code below, and then use the "link" field in a Content Editor Web Part to link the code from the file instead of pasting it directly on the browser, so that changes to the code don't require editing the page.
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