Lesson 3 | Start using BindTuning Web Parts

About BindTuning Web Part Subscription

Why use BindTuning Web Parts?

Enhance usability and accessibility of existing information sourced from SharePoint* lists and other service providers across all of your devices.

  • Available for Classic and Modern (SPFx) SharePoint
  • Simple point-and-click settings/ no-code configuration needed
  • Mobile Ready
  • Works with any master page

*SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365


Which Web Parts are included in the subscription?

BindTuning currently has 16 web parts available, each with its own setup & configuration guide:

Start your Free Trial

How can I start a web part trial?

To start your trial:

  1. Access https://bindtuning.com/webparts 
  2. Click "Start free trial". Your subscription will include all available web parts at that point in time.

BindTuning does not provide individual web part trials nor sells web parts individually. Once you request a trial, you will get access to all web parts to see by yourself how they work on SharePoint.

How long will my web part trial last?

BindTuning Web Parts are available for 30 day trials. 

Install your Web Parts

Ready to get started? First, you need to download your web part:

  1. Login with your BindTuning account at https://www.bindtuning.com
  2. Access "My Downloads" using the right-hand side menu
  3. Select the web part you want to install and click "View Web Part" » "Download"

All web parts are provided in 3 different packaging options, all following Microsoft Add-In guidelines:

  • ADD-IN, for tenants with a configured App Store
  • WSP, no-code sandbox solution, recommended whenever sandbox is available
  • SPFx, for modern pages

After unzipping your web part package, you will find four folders, a app folder, a Compatibility List folder, a wsp for Sandbox environments, and a SPFx folder (available for BindTuning web parts with v2.6.3.18 or higher). You shall be using one of these folders to install the web part.

Guidance on how to install & uninstall:

Configure your Web Parts

Detailed instructions on how to configure your web parts can be found on each web part user guide. The following steps are required, for both Classic and Modern SharePoint:

  1. Add the web part to a page
  2. Create a SharePoint list
  3. Connect your web part to a SharePoint list

Important! Please note that instructions may differ depending on whether you are using Classic or Modern SharePoint. The links provided above include both options.

Purchase your Web Parts

Web Parts are sold as annual subscriptions, with pricing depending on the number of SharePoint users. Read more about how BindTuning calculates the number of users.

BindTuning Web Parts Subscriptions include:

  • All web parts available at each moment (14 total, August 2018)
  • All upcoming web parts, launched throughout the 1 year subscription period
  • All future updates to existing and new web parts to ensure best performance

Basic Support is required on the 1st year of all web part purchases. Additional Premium Support is available – for more details on available support plans refer to section Support Pricing.

Check how much a subscription would cost for your organization.

Important! After purchasing your subscription, and if you have started with a web part trial, make sure to follow the instructions on how to upgrade to the licensed version.

Update your Web Parts

To ensure your Web Parts performance is kept to high standards, and that new functionalities are added to respond to your suggestions , BindTuning regularly launches updates to existing Web Parts. 

Tips & Tricks to Enhance your Experience


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