Lesson 4 | How to get started with BindTuning Provisioning Engine (former Clutch)?

About BindTuning Provisioning Engine

What is Clutch?

BindTuning's Provisioning Engine is a desktop app that automates BindTuning products deployment, accelerating delivery of modern workplaces. 

It has three main capabilties:

  • an alternative way of deploying your BindTuning products to Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and SharePoint;
  • a smarter way of updating your BindTuning products;
  • the only way of deploying BindTuning industry-specific templates (ready-made combination of themes, web parts and lists) which allow you to give your intranet customization a head-start.

Platform Version

  • Since May 2019, BindTuning's Provisioning Engine is working for Microsoft Teams;
  • Since October 2018, Clutch is working not only for Office 365 (Classic and Modern Sites) but also for SharePoint On-Premises.

Why use Clutch?
• Install and deploy web parts, themes, tools and templates in minutes
• Create rich sites using dynamic and customizable templates
• Deploy fully functional digital workspace with minimal work. No coding.
• Reduce the burden on your IT department


How can I download Clutch?

You can download Clutch from your BindTuning Account.

  • Log in at www.bindtuning.com
  • Click on your avatar on the top right corner of the website
  • Select "My Downloads"
  • Click on the "Clutch" tab.

Please note that Clutch is currenlty unavailable for Mac.


Installing & Using Provisioning Engine

The Provisioning Engine is included for all BindTuning customers with:

  • active BindTuning web part subscriptions;
  • active Enterprise Intranet subscriptions;
  • purchased BindTuning themes
  • purchased Essential UX

Detailed instructions on how to install and use Provisioning Engine are available in the Provisioning Engine User Guide.


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions on the Provisioning Engine is available at our Resources Page.

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