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Lesson 4 | How to get started with BindTuning Clutch?

About Clutch - BindTuning Provisioning Engine

What is Clutch?

Clutch - BindTuning's Provisioning Engine - is a desktop app that automates BindTuning products deployment, accelerating delivery of modern workplaces. 

It has three main capabilties:

  • an alternative way of deploying your BindTuning products to SharePoint;
  • a smarter way of updating your BindTuning products;
  • the only way of deploying BindTuning industry-specific templates (ready-made combination of themes, web parts and lists) which allow you to give your intranet customization a head-start.

Platform Version

Clutch is currently working exclusively for Office 365 and Classic Sites

Installation and update on Modern Sites and SharePoint On-prem is expected to be available starting Septemeber 27, 2018!

Why use Clutch?
• Install and deploy web parts, themes, tools and templates in minutes
• Create rich sites using dynamic and customizable templates
• Deploy fully functional digital workspace with minimal work. No coding.
• Reduce the burden on your IT department

Start a Clutch Trial

How can I start a trial?

To request your trial, please access and download the app for your PC.Clutch is currenlty unavailable for Mac.

How long will my Clutch trial last?

You can trial Clutch for up to 15 days.

Will all BindTuning Templates be available during the trial?

We've selected some of our cross industry templates to give you an idea of the possible use cases.

  • Landing Page
  • Team Workspace
  • GDPR Activity Hub
  • FANatics

Installing & Using Clutch

Detailed instructions on how to install and use Clutch are available in the Clutch User Guide.

Purchase Clutch

BindTuning is currently selling Clutch in three different tiers:Starter, Accelerator and Enterprise.

How do I choose which plan is right for me?

  • Starter: use Clutch as a deployment tool for automating installation and update of the individual products you already have;
  • Accelerator: use Clutch not only to deploy your individual products but also to deploy industry specific templates (eg.: education, attached); templates are ready-made combinations of themes and web parts and all the lists behind them that enable you to deploy every component across multiple site collections.
  • Enterprise: use Clutch to deploy all industry templates available.

To check pricing , please check BindTuning Pricing page. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions on Clutch is available at our Resources Page.

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