Get the Columns information to be displayed

Below are the BindTuning Web Parts that have available the option to use SharePoint lists as a source:

  • Filters
  • Smart Tiles
  • Smart Slider

Let’s say we want to map a caption background to an image retrieved from a SharePoint list, where the column name containing the image is Photo. We can set the Background image value to {{Photo}} to do the mapping.

Or, imagine that you are using a SharePoint list and you have a column which internal name is Photo where you have images URL's stored. Now you want to map the caption background to an image from that column list, so the only thing you need to do is write the column name in double brackets, every time you want to map a Web Part caption zone.


Note that the internal name of the column cannot be the same that the display name and due to that fact the Web Part is not able to render the Column data.

Check Internal Name Column

To check the correct internal name of the column please do the following steps:

  1. Access Site contents and open your list;
  2. On the top menu, click on List and then List Settings (or Settings > List Settings);
  3. On the Columns section, click to open the column name you want to use;
  4. Inside, on the URL look for "...Field=...".
  5. Copy the internal name;
  6. Now paste the name into the desired text box section.
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