Add scroll to a Web Part

If you intend to have a fixed height on a Web Part so that it won't expand over the limited space where you want it to be visible, you can add a scroll to the Web Part. Following the steps below will allow you to add a scroll to any Web Part, on a specific page.

This procedure is only available for Classic SharePoint sites and/or pages.

  1. Open the page where you have your Web Part.
  2. Right click the Web Part and click Inspect.
  3. The browser's developer tools should open with one of the Web Part's elements selected.
  4. Navigate up the HTML elements until you find the one with WebpartID.
  5. Find the ID attribute in the element and copy the value
  6. Now Edit the page and place a Script Editor web part at the bottom
  7. Once it's added, Edit the web part properties
  8. Now click the Edit Snippet for the script editor to pop up
  9. Paste the following code inside the text area. Replace [WEBPARTID] with the value copied in step 5:
                    #[WEBPARTID] .bt-webpart-zone { 
                            max-height: 300px; /* adjust this value as you see fit*/ 
                            overflow: auto; } 
  10. Click the Insert button.
  11. Click OK on the web part properties
  12. Save the page
  13. That's it. The Web Part should now have the scroll applied to it
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