Adding Web Parts to a page

BindTuning's Build bundle provides you with 19 ready-to-use Web Parts, enabling content management, and leveraging extensive collaboration, all the while expanding functionality on your environment.

Although the Web Parts are available for all major SharePoint versions (SP2013/2016/2019 and Office 365), the procedure through which they are added to your page varies, depending on whether you are currently on a Modern or Classic page.

Before adding web parts to your page, you'll need to proceed with its corresponding installation. For a complete walkthrough follow this link

Furthermore, please be sure to check our Configuration Guides, for an in-depth guide on how to configure each of the Web Parts provided.

Below, you'll find detailed instructions on how to add a new Web Part on both Modern and Classic SharePoint pages.  

Modern SharePoint

  1. Place your modern page in Edit mode;
  2. Click on the [+] button to add a new web part or section to your page;
  3. On the web part panel, search for BindTuning to filter the web parts.
  4. Select the Web Part you wish to add to the page;
  5. Click to Publish.

Classic SharePoint

For SharePoint Collaboration sites

  1. Go to your site and edit the desired page;
  2. Select the place where you want to add the Web Part
  3. On the toolbar click Insert, followed by Web Part;
  4. On the categories list, select the BindTuning Add-in and then select the desired BindTuning Web Part to be added;
  5. Now click Add;
  6. Click OK and Save.

For SharePoint Publishing sites

  1. Go to your site and edit the desired page;
  2. Click to Add a Web Part on the desired area;
  3. On the categories list, select the BindTuning Add-in, and then select the desired BindTuning Web Part;
  4. Now click Add;
  5. Check in and Publish your page.

To know more about how to configure a specific BindTuning Web Part, be sure to check our User Guides.

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