Customize again after download? Using the Builder or CSS

BindTuning themes are sold as one-time purchases - once you buy it, it is yours forever, with the customizations you added using BindTuning Builder (or not added, if you downloaded it as we provide it).

After downloading your theme you won't be able to customize it further online using BindTuning Builder. Any changes should be done manually using CSS*:

  1. Requesting help from BindTuning Premium Support Services
  2. Making the required changes yourself - theme files are located in: 

Alternatively, you can always go back and purchase another license. If you were doing a trial, you can strat a new one for free.

We recommend that you test several customizations before downloading you Theme. Theme Trials are free and work for 30 days. Read more about trials in the next article.

*Please note: editing the Themes files manually is only available in the Classic Experience. For the Modern Experience (SPFx) you are required to either buy a new theme or hire BindTuning Premium Services.
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