Tweak your BindTuning Theme with Widgets

All BindTuning Themes comes with Bootstrap components which you can leverage to build action on your SharePoint pages, improving user experience and engagement.

Locate the theme resources

All BindTuning Theme resources are located inside BindTuning Builder, which you can access anytime, even after downloading your theme. To access these resources:
  1. Select your theme in the theme gallery;
  2. Mouse over Start your trial and click your SharePoint version;
  3. Inside the Builder Tool all the pages that say Features, Widgets, etc. That contains HTML structures that you can use inside your SharePoint pages when a BindTuning theme is applied.
Below, we have examples of how to use these widgets:


You need to have the images stored on your SharePoint Site.
  1. On the navigation go to Widgets and click Slider;
  2. On Slider click to View code and grab that HTML;
  3. Find all the HTML elements with the img src="IMAGE_URL";
  4. Replace all the URL on src for the URL of the images;
  5. Add the code to your SharePoint Page and Save the page;
  6. Save the page;
  7. The Slider will start to work on your page.


The button classes can be used on an a, button, or input elements. Since we gonna to make a link to Google, we will use the a.
  1. On the navigation go to Features and click Buttons;
  2. On buttons click to View code and grab that HTML;
  3. Make the necessary change to make this a link and reference it to Google;
  4. Save the page;
  5. If you click on the button will redirect your page to Google.

Font Awesome

  1. On the navigation go to Features and click Icons;
  2. Get the icon that you intend to use, in this example, we'll use the phone to show a contact;
  3. Click on the icon and get the HTML code. Make the necessary change to change the number and start with space:
  4. Save the page;
  5. You are using the Font Awesome on your page with a contact number.
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