Lesson 1 | What is BindTuning?

BindTuning is the leading platform for building connected and engaging workplaces for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. It allows you to create modern intranet experiences leveraging SharePoint capabilities, driving user adoption and providing a simplified way for teams to share information, transform communication and collaborate.


BindTuning differentiates itself from competitors for being a SharePoint native UX Framework and not a closed intranet-in-a-box solution – its Themes, Web Parts and tools give you the flexibility you need to build solutions that fit your business needs, with beautiful designs, easy configuration and mobile responsiveness.

The BindTuning Framework is composed of three key products:

  • BRAND Themes: Easily customizable, BindTuning themes allow you to brand your intranet by changing basic SharePoint features, such as background, colors, fonts, footers, navigation etc. Start from one of the Themes in our Theme Gallery and use our online tool, The Builder, to make your own customizations with no code! Find more information. Find more information.
  • BUILD Web Parts: Enhance usability and accessibility of your existing SharePoint data across all of your devices.  Easy to configure, BindTuning web parts present data you have in SharePoint lists or that is fed from other service providers in an engaging way. Find more information.
  • DEPLOY Clutch: BindTuning's Provisioning Engine for Office 365 accelerates deployment of BindTuning products, saving you time and money. It is an alternative, smarter way of deploying your products to SharePoint, and the only way of deploying the latest product from BindTuning – industry specific templates (ready-made combination of themes, web parts and lists) which allow you to have your intranet sites built in minutes. Find more information.

All our products are sold independently – you can use BindTuning Themes and not BindTuning Web Parts although we recommend that you use them together, to enable the best user experience.

To know more about how to start using BindTuning products navigate to the next lessons.

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