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How can I customize my BindTuning Theme?

With BindTuning online Builder, you can brand your SharePoint in minutes with almost no code required:

  1. Pick your theme in the theme gallery
  2. Mouse over Start your trial and click your SharePoint version
  3. You will see an online dashboard, BindTuning Builder, with the following options to customize your Theme 
    • Navigation
    • Text/Links
    • Background
    • Sections
    • Tokens
    • Suite Bar

After you finish your customization, you have two options: 

  1. Trial the customized Theme
  2. Purchase Theme
Important!  After this stage you will no longer be able to customize or change the customization of your Theme using BindTuning Builder – any further modifications will have to be done using CSS.

Theme Trials are FREE and you can download them as many times as you need, to test different configurations before requesting your final theme.

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