Getting Started with a BindTuning Trial

If you're planning on purchasing one of BindTuning's features, the best way to start consists in making use of the free 30-day trial period

When creating a BindTuning account, the trial period for the Design, Build and Teams Add-On features will be enabled automatically.

If you do not have a BindTuning account, be sure to sign up using the following link.

After creating and login into your account, you'll be greeted by your product dashboard. This same dashboard contains information relating to your new trial and corresponding expiration date.




Getting Started with a Design Trial 

After creating your BindTuning account you'll be able to trial the Design feature, allowing you unlimited customizations and installations of BindTuning templates.

In order to access your Design trial navigate to the pencil icon on the left navigation bar.


  • Further information relating to theme customization can be found here;
  • Further information relating to theme installation can be found here.

Getting Started with a Build Trial

BindTuning's Build trial will provide you with access to our 19+ Web Part bundle.

In order to access your Build trial navigate to the hamburger icon on the left navigation bar.


After accessing the Build feature area, you're able to quickly deploy the product on your test environment. Further information relating to the Web Part installation can be found here

Getting Started with a Teams Add-On trial

Unlike the above-mentioned features, BindTuning's Teams Add-On is an extension of the Build feature, which will allow you to incorporate BindTuning's Web Part bundle on your Microsoft Teams environment.

Considering this same model, the easiest way to trial the Teams Add-On feature is by deploying one of BindTuning's Microsoft Teams Starter Kits, a fully prepared and packaged environment, coupled with demo content, which creates a consistent and cohesive experience for testing purposes. 

In order to deploy your own Starter Kit, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Log in to your BindTuning account; 
  2. Navigate to the box icon, under your left-navigation panel; 


  3. Under All starter kits:
      1. Select BindTuning under Author
      2. Select MS Teams under Platform.


  4. Choose one of the pre-built templates by mousing over the card and selecting More Details

On the Starter Kit panel, you'll be able to find a small Description of the product, as well as a set of Images to better visualize the final result of its corresponding deployment. 



To further proceed with the installation, select the option 1-Click Install, and follow the prompts to complete the installation process. 

If you'd like to deploy the product in a standalone format, you're able to do so by proceeding with the Manual Deployment Process. Further information relating to this process can be found here.

Getting Started with other BindTuning features

Apart from the three distinct features mentioned-above, BindTuning provides: 

  • Accessibility Tool - Providing an extensive set of features to meet the unique accessibility needs of your users.
  • Automate 365 - Providing you with the ability to package, automate and scale deployments.

If you'd like to start a trial for those same features, be sure to reach out to

Behind a proxy or firewall?

If you're behind a firewall or proxy, you may not be able to correctly trial the products.
In order to successfully trial the products, be sure to whitelist the following URL:

Server details:

Trials cannot, in any case, be adapted, changed or edited.

Trials cannot be used in production websites, and are only meant to be installed for testing purposes.

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