Markdown syntax in BindTuning

When using markdown in BindTuning products note that, besides default syntax, you can use a few extra rules to set different layout settings which are exclusive to BindTuning.

Here's the full list of markdown syntax rules to be used in BindTuning products:

Formating Markdown Result
Bold **Bold** text Bold text
Italic  *Italic* text Italic text
Headings  # Heading One
## Heading Two
### Heading Three
Heading One
Heading Two
Heading Three
Line Breaks  For line breaks hit <Enter> once per line break
Text Color ## Heading #990000
Text #ff9900
Text Alignment

Left aligned @left

Center aligned @center

Right aligned @right

Left aligned

Center aligned

Right aligned

Links and Buttons [Display Text](Target URL){Options}

Options (optional):
@btnSize: link | xs | sm | md | lg | full
@btnTxt: HEX
@btnBg: HEX
@btnTarget: self | blank  

Simple link example:
[Go to BindTuning]({Target:blank}

Go to BindTuning

Large button example:
[BINDTUNING]({@btnSize:lg @btnTxt:ffffff@btnBg:f49000@btn:Target:blank}

Icons (Font Awesome)

Single icon syntax:

Sample usage in a title:
# Title and Icon fa-cloud @center

Background Color @bg:#ff9900  
Videos ![youtube](
Images ![ESPC 2016](
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  • Avatar
    Zach Welding

    For images, does that actually display the image on the tile? So if i wanted a background color for the tile, and to then display a small image(like an icon) in the tile, the above would work?

  • Avatar
    David Rasmussen

    Target:blank isn't working... rendering as target="_self"?

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