Upgrading code-based sandboxed Web Parts to the Add-In model

This article applies to all BindTuning web part upgrades as follows:
* from v1.X.X to v2.X.X.X - all web parts except Tiles
* from v2.X.X to v3.X.X.X - Tiles web part only

Following Microsoft's announcement as of late July 2016, BindTuning has upgraded its web parts to guarantee full compliance with the latest Microsoft directives. All customers running web parts downloaded prior to that date should upgrade their BindTuning web parts according to this article.

On-prem vs. Online

If you are using SharePoint On-Premises, this is not a mandatory process. This is only required once you decide to install new updates.

If you are using SharePoint Online, your older versions of the web parts will be deactivated by Microsoft sometime during Q3/Q4 2016. You must follow this guide to upgrade all your web parts before then.

What you'll have to do:

  1. Install the new web parts
  2. Replace old web parts on your pages
  3. Deactivate the old solutions
  4. Install the compatibility package

1. Install the new web parts
per site collection

Before you can upgrade a web part in your site, you must first install the newer version:

Both installation methods are fully compliant with the latest Microsoft directives.

2. Replace old web parts on your pages
per web part instance

  1. Locate each of the BindTuning Web Parts in your pages;

  2. Enter Edit Mode;

  3. Select Insert > Web Part;

  4. Select the new web part from the BindTuning Add-in folder;

  5. Click Edit Web Part, to open the web part settings;

  6. Save the page;

  7. Go back to Edit Mode;

  8. Open the Web Part Properties by clicking the cog icon;

  9. Click the Copy Properties button at the bottom left of the pop-up window;

  10. Select the old web part from the list of options;

  11. Click Copy;

  12. Save the properties;

  13. Delete the old web part from the page. You can validate which one to delete by checking the webpart version, right next to its title.

3. Deactivate the old solutions
per site collection

Deactivating sandboxed solutions in SharePoint Online is irreversible. Do not deactivate the old web part sandboxed solutions before reading these instructions carefully.

Do not follow these instructions unless you have replaced all older web part instances in the entire site collection.

  1. At the root of your site collection click Site Settings > Solutions;

  2. Locate your old web part solution and click Deactivate; This process is irreversible

  3. Click Deactivate in the pop-up window;

  4. Locate the old web part solution and click Delete;

4. Install the compatibility package
per site collection

The compatibility package, included in your new files, ensures that you won't lose access to the lists created with the previous version of the web parts.

  1. Click Upload Solution, on the top ribbon;

  2. Find the compatibility .wsp, located inside the Compatibility List folder in your new package,
    or in the list below;
  3. Click OK and wait for the solution to upload;

  4. Click Activate and wait for the page to reload;

If your Web Part package does not containt the Compatibility Lists, proceed to download them from the links below. 

Compatibility lists:

Congratulations! Upgrade is finished!

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