Fix release: update to vX.X.X.9

IMPORTANT: This release X.X.X.9 is only available for the following platforms:
SharePoint 2013, Office 365, DNN7, HTML5, Kentico6&7, Kentico8, Kentico9,
Orchard, Umbraco7, Umbraco4

Launched on Aug 1, 2016, for all responsive themes, this release solves the following issues:

Sharepoint 2013 & Office 365

  • Removed: Support to Public Sites and MySites.
  • On themes where some master pages where renamed, the old master pages will be present on the update, to remove those master pages have a look to following article How to remove unwanted master pages



  • Fix: Footer always on the bottom of the page.
  • Added: New css file named "CustomStyles.css".


  •  A few improvements to the theme's scripts.


  • Fix: Miss-aligned cards in SharePoint fixed.


  • Fix: Unreachable links at the end of the menu.


  • Improvement: Demo content.
  • Renamed: Default sidebar to Right sidebar.
  • New: Left sidebar master page.


  • Renamed: Home SideBar to Home Right SideBar.
  • Renamed: Inner SideBar to Inner Rigth Sidebar
  • New: Home Left SideBar master page.
  • New: Inner Left Sidebar master page.


  • Renamed: Wide/Boxed sidebar now is Wide/Boxed right sidebar;
  • Renamed: Wide/Boxed sidebar now is Wide/Boxed right sidebar;
  • New: Wide/Boxed left sidebar master page.
  • New: Wide/Boxed left sidebar master page.


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