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Fix release: Adele updated

This release was launched on April 28, 2016 and affects all Adele theme versions.

This release solves the following issues:


  • Added: Search box
  • Updated: Horizontal navigation is now more flexible handling with scenarios with a large number of navigation items
  • Updated: Navigation effects on scroll where improved
  • Updated: Footer area is now always fixed to the bottom of the screen

Adele Versions

Adele was updated to the following versions:

  • SharePoint 2013 / v3.0.8.8
  • Office 365 / v3.0.7.8
  • DNN7 / v3.0.8.8
  • Kentico 9 / v3.0.2.8
  • Kentico 8 / v3.0.2.8
  • Kentico 6 & 7 / v3.0.8.8
  • Orchard / v3.0.9.8
  • Umbraco 7 / v3.0.4.8
  • Umbraco 4 / v3.0.8.8
  • HTML5 / v3.0.4.8
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