How to remove duplicated Page Layouts?

Since the release of the version x.x.x.8 and if you have a previous version installed, some of the page layouts may appear duplicated on the page layout dropdown.

To remove the duplicated files, all the files with "_" (underscore) on the name, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open with SharePoint Designer, the site where you had installed the theme;
  2. Go to All Files > _catalogs > masterpage;
  3. Scroll down to where the page layouts are;
  4. Select all the files with the base theme name and with a underscore on the name;
  5. Click with the right button;
  6. Click on "Delete";
  7. Click "Yes to all" on the next pop-up;
  8. And files will be deleted.


If appears an error message as "Server error: This item cannot be deleted because i is still referenced by other pages.", is because one or more of the page layouts are still in use.


On this example, the page layout in use is the "TheBoostrapTheme_3_Cols.aspx" and to remove it, we need to:

  1. Go to SharePoint site;
  2. Edit the page that have this page layout selected;
  3. Select the other page layout with the same name;
  4. Save the page;
  5. Check it in;
  6. Publish it.
  7. Go back to SharePoint Designer and try to remove the file again.


 Now, all duplicated page layouts are gone.



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