Considerations before upgrade your theme version

How can I see what is new and what has changed?

New releases can include both fixes and new features for the theme. When a new release is out, we announce what is new and what has changed at Announcements section.

Do I just install on top of my current Terra or will it create a new version?
Is there a document on proper installation?

The upgraded theme can be installed on the top of the current theme. The installation process is the same, as installing the theme for the first time:

    1. Go to Admin/Host > Extensions or Host > Extensions, depending on how your current theme was installed.
    2. Ipload the upgraded theme. DNN handles files replacements.

If I've customized layouts (.ascx) files or CSS files, will they be overwritten?

Yes! Make sure you save all your modifications before install the upgraded version.

Tip: To save CSS modifications, you can move them temporarily to Admin > Stylesheet Editor.

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