I can’t find an invoice for my purchase

Due to local legislation rules, we need your full billing details in order to issue an invoice. 

If you want to purchase our products through our BindTuning Online App, first you must fill our invoice section inside the app, found at https://app.bindtuning.com/billing/invoices, so that your billing details will be available in the invoice section - allowing you to download the invoice immediately after the purchase.

However, if you need alterations to the invoice issued online, or if you purchased BindTuning products without filling the invoice section, or without using the BindTuning App, then we recommend that you request your invoice by sending an email to billing@bindtuning.com, letting us know your full billing details:

  • Requester name
  • Company Name
  • Company's billing address and country
  • VAT ID (for european countries)
  • Date of the purchase
Important: Invoices must be requested up to 2 weeks after purchase. After this period we cannot issue formal invoices.
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