Can I use my own images when customizing a theme?

Sure you can! When setting you branding options for a theme, we know how important it is to use your own branding elements, like images. To use your own images within the BindTuning customization tool you must have a BindTuning account.

My Images

Images can be added to the customization tool and kept in the My Images area. To add images to your area, proceed as follows:

  1. Click option My Assets

  2. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to login with your BindTuning account.
  3. Click the My Assets option again
  4. Click My Images

  5. This is your images management area. You can upload images, or delete them from your resources. Images are kept in your account, so you can use them for later in your projects. To upload an image you can click the Upload image button or just drag-and-drop it to the images area.

Adding your image to a background

You can now use your images to apply them to a theme's background:

  1. In the customization panel click Customize
  2. Select Background
  3. Click the middle icon to set the background image
  4. If you are logged in, you can now use your images. If you already uploaded some images they will be displayed in the images list, marked as Mine. You can upload new images by clicking the Upload image button

  5. If you are not logged in yet, a Show my images button will be displayed instead. Click it to login and go to step 4.
  6. Click an image to apply it to the theme background.
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