Is support included after purchase?

After purchase you are entitled to standard Software Assurance for 2 months, by opening a support ticket. Software Assurance is available to address theme bugs, or themes not working as described. If you require changes to the default theme behaviour, then you must request our Premium Support Service.

Software Assurance is available to address:

  • Theme bugs
  • Theme not working properly, or as described, or as documented within setup guide

For general questions, help, or advice please refer to our Community Forum.


Support requests received through our Support Service are closely monitored and are typically addressed within 24 hours. In most cases, solutions are readily available and can easily be provided. However, some cases may require further research and testing.

Bug reports

If an issue is identified as a bug, the issue will be listed for further review and we will attempt to include a fix in the next patch or scheduled release. Patches are released based on the extent of the problem, the resources we have available to fix the issue and other priorities already scheduled. Outside of the normal process for scheduled bug fixes, an urgent requirement to address an identified bug will fall within Premium Support.

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