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Adding a slider in Umbraco


To add a slider to your website using BindTuning themes you should proceed as follows.

  1. In Umbraco Settings edit the same template of the page where you want to have the slider.
    1. You probably need to add the slider zone ( e.g. HomeSliderZone );
      <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderID="HomeSliderZone" runat="server">
            <umbraco:Item runat="server" field="sliderText"/>
    2. Save the field name, you will need it;
    3. Make sure to save your changes. 
  2. Go to “Document types” and edit the used one on your page.
    1. Click “Generic properties” and create a new property; 
    2. In alias you must use the same field name as before;
    3. For an easier editing choose Richtext editor in Type;
    4. In “Tab” select “Content”;
    5. Make sure to save your changes.
  3. Now it’s time to go to “Umbraco Content” and open the page where you want to have the slider.
    1. Go to “Content” and look at new option available, click inside of box;
    2. Open HTML editor and paste the slider code;
    3. Make sure you click on Update;
    4. Close and click on Save and Publish.



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