How to create/use a different template in Home page?

In our themes in the master pages we use a page place holder, so you can use different page templates/layouts inside the master.

Because Kentico only permit to use one master page applied to the site and if you want to use a different one to the homepage will be necessary to replace the page place holder with some web zones layout.


Important: If you already have a homepage with some web parts, you will need to add them again to the new template. The web parts will be always attached to the template used.


You can follow this steps to create a new master page:

Open Kentico CMS Site Manager

  • Go to Development tab, choose Page Templates option on the left.
  • Select the category folder, where you want to create the template, click New Template
  • Template display name: give the name you wish.
  • Template code name: give the name you wish.
  • Click OK

Now change the following options:

  • Template type: portal engine
  • Master template: check this option
  • Click Save

Go to Sites tab and choose the website that the template will be available to be used

  • Click Add Sites and choose the your Site

Go to Layout tab

  • Choose Use custom layout
  • Go to ..\App_Themes\"ThemeName" and open .ascx file to use as master page

Note: you can copy the content to another file to do this process or just edit this one.

  • Open too the PageTemplate.ascx file and copy all the content
  • In the master page .ascx, search for and replace "<cc1:CMSPagePlaceholder ID="CMSPagePlaceholder" runat="server"/>" with the PageTemplate.ascx content.
  • Now copy all the file content and paste it in the text area in Use custom layout;
  • Click Save

Now you can apply to your page this new template.

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