Set vertical menu to display child pages

If you need to use both a horizontal and vertical menu, and, on the vertical menu, display child pages for currently selected top menu item, proceed as follows:

Themes using DDR

Themes using NAV

  • Edit layout files in your skin files (typically home.ascx and/or inner.ascx)
  • Change from
    <dnn:NAV2 ... />
    <dnn:NAV2 ... Level="Child"/>
  • Save, repackage skin and re-install
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    When I tuned the skin, I unchecked the need for a vertical menu. At the time I didn't realize that the vert menu would do child pages. Can I get the skin i purchased amended to accommodate this feature?

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    Beatriz Oliveira

    Hi Amber, you can easily make the vertical menu display again. Just add the following to the bottom of your css file:

    #MenuV { display:block; }

    My best,


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    Paste at the bottom of Admin > Style Sheet Editor?

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    Beatriz Oliveira

    That will do :)

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    How do i get the vertical menu to display child elements in orchard cms invisible dog theme ?

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