How can I make my SharePoint 2013 sandbox theme visible for anonymous users

Office365 SP2013 SP2013 Foundation

Info: SharePoint Designer is required in order to accomplish the steps described in this article. If you need to download it please follow this link

By default our sandbox themes for SharePoint 2013 are not visible for anonymous users. If you want to make your SharePoint site visible for anonymous users, there a few steps that you have to do:

  1. Log into your SharePoint site
  2. Go to Settings > Site Settings
  3. Open Site permissions under Users and Permissions
  4. On the ribbon, click Anonymous Access


  5. A pop-up will open. To make the site public you should grant access to the entire website for anonymous users


  6. Open your master page gallery, located under http//YOUR.URL/_catalogs/materpage
  7. On the ribbon, click Library and go to the Library Settings


  8. On the permissions page, click Permission for this document library


  9. On the ribbon choose again


  10. A pop will open. Check the option View Items


  11. Open you site with SharePoint Designer
  12. Go to All Files > _catalogs > masterpage > THEMENAME
  13. Select all the files inside the folder and check them out


  14. Then, select all the files again and check them in


  15. On the Check In modal, choose Publish a major version


  16. Open your site as an anonymous user. You will notice that anonymous users will now have privileges to see your site with our theme applied.


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