Adding a custom logo

Brand identity is of extreme importance in any business, in our time and days. And one important aspect of professional branding is a good looking, captivating logo. Your company's logo communicates ownership, and plays a significant factor in people's first impressions of your business. In modern site collections you can add a custom logo for your company, and resize it ever so easily, using the BindTuning Settings panel.

To add a custom logo to your SharePoint follow these steps:

A. If you're on a modern site collection:

      1. Upload a logo image to the Site Assets, by dragging and dropping the image or by using the upload button: mceclip2.png 
      2. After opening the image that you uploaded in your site assets, it is recommended that you click on ''View Original'': mceclip0.png , to open the image with the original link. 
      3. Open the BT Settings Panel:  mceclip4.png
      4. Copy the link of the desired logo into ''Logo Image URL'', in the General section of the BT Settings Panel.                                                                                                                                                                                      mceclip5.png
      5. You can also resize the logo, by changing its width and height, inside the BindTuning Settings panel

B. If you're on a classic site collection:

    1. Go to Site Settings
    2. Click on Title, Description, and Logo under Look and Feel
    3. On Logo and Description add the logo from your Computer or SharePoint.
    4. Click Ok on bottom of the page. 
Logo update on your site!
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