How to install Farm Solution themes and Trials on SharePoint Foundation 2013

This article covers the installation process for SharePoint Foundation 2013.  If you're looking into installing a BindTuning theme on your SharePoint On-Premises 2013, follow the next link. Likewise, further installation guides for different SharePoint versions can be found here.

Due the limitations of the SharePoint Foundation version the publishing features are not available, for this version the installation process of our themes is slightly different than the SharePoint Server.

Start the necessary services

In order for the deployments to succeed, these services must be started and running. We can check them by running “services.msc” or opening the System Services on Administrative tools.

  • SharePoint Timer Service
  • SharePoint Administration


SP2013 Farm Solution Installation

The farm solution package is shipped with a custom PowerShell script that allows installing and uninstalling the packages.

  1. Extract to your SharePoint server;
  2. Inside of the zip you will find a folder “FarmSolution” containing a solution file and a powershell script;
  3. Right click on the powershell script and choose “Run with PowerShell”; 2.PNG
  4. Change the execution policy to execute the script; 3.PNG
  5. Choose “Install with STSADM to farm”; 4.PNG
  6. Open your SharePoint site and go to Settings -> Site Settings -> Manage Site Features;
  7. Search for YourThemeName Theme Package and click “Activate” 5.PNG
  8. The theme will be automatically applied to the current site;
  9. To install the theme on other Sharepoint sites, open the site and repeat the steps 6 and 7.

Change theme master page

Our themes include several master pages, to change them on the SharePoint Foundation do the following:

  1. Open your site with SharePoint Designer;
  2. Go to All Files –> _catalogs –> masterpage;
  3. Right click on the desired master page and choose “Set as Custom Master Page”
  4. Right click again and choose “Set as Default Master Page”


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