Adding a slider in Orchard

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    Raha Amirchermahini

    Hi Beatriz

    Thanks for sharing this video 

    I've been looking for the tut like as this about orchard more than a year but can't find it

    I asked  you about change logo in orchard and slide show about a year ago from you , remember me ?

    now I created it by just you're help 

    but It can sliding 

    please take a look at it if you can !

    great thanks

    Regards :


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    Raha Amirchermahini

    you introduced me the best things that I want , that I was looking for ,

    really thanks Beatriz , this app is the best app to create .net themes 

    I hope you have all you want all you need , god gives you any things you wish Beatriz

    dear beatriz 

    I have just one question ?

    after we create a new html widget we must enter the title field with the word and after it'll be ready we have the title up left corner of the widget , how we can remove this title ?

    2- how can I create and personalize my home page as a wide ?

    now when I add a new nav menu to my horiz menu one other add to my virtcl menu auto ?

    how can I remove this virtcl menu from my home page ?

    great thanks 

    Best Regards :


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    Beatriz Oliveira

    Hi Raha, just tried to access your website (to check the sliding issue) but the URL is not working. Can you check?


    About using the wide page layout, please check out our KB article about applying a specific layout to a page:

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    Raha Amirchermahini

    Hi beatriz

    Fix slider finally by you're help 


    do you have write any article about how to add orchard web site to google and bing webmaster tools ?

    if you have any please link it here 

    great thanks dear beatriz

    Best regards :


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    Raha Amirchermahini

    my web page url is :

    this is working now and the slider is completely working just by you're help 

    come on and visit you're help beatriz 

    again thanks dear

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    Beatriz Oliveira

    Hey Raha, I'm glad all is working :) Unfortunately we don't have any articles relating Orchard and webmaster tools :( Hope you can find one.

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    Raha Amirchermahini

    THanks Dear Beatriz

    sure I'll find it finally !!!

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